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mammoth nation and bio-dome group partnership 10% off

Here at Bio-Dome we strive to be stewards of the environment and the earth. We love supporting those who feel the same.  


As a thank you for caring about what gets sprayed in the environment and being a member of Mammoth Nation, we are giving you 10% Off our retail prices on our amazing organic bed bug killer, Bed Bug Patrol and Septic Flow Shock for your septic system.

Use code MAMMOTH10OFF at checkout.

Bed Bug Patrol Natural Bed Bug Killer

Bed Bug Patrol Is "The All-Natural, Premium Bed Bug Killer” and is trusted by families, businesses, hotels, and anywhere an effective, all-natural treatment is required.  Bed Bug Patrol has been getting rid of bed bugs since 2003 Bed Bug Patrol is a kill-on-contact* spray that is fast and effective!

  • Naturally kills bed bugs on contact

  • Kills bed bugs AND their eggs, ending the bed bug life cycle

  • Pleasant Peppermint aroma

  • Non-staining formula; can be used on many surfaces

  • Use on mattresses, box springs, linens, carpets, and MORE

  • Lab Tested and Proven to Work!

PLEASE NOTE: use code MAMMOTH10OFF at checkout. 

Veteran Owned

Woman Owned

made in the usa

Septi-Flow Shock

Septi-Flow is a simple and inexpensive solution to digging up your entire septic system caused by locked-up soil. Septi-Flow is not new science. It is a tried and true method to get your septic field flowing again. If your septic tank is backed-up, avoid resorting to pricey repair service. We have an effective and inexpensive solution for you. Septi-Flow Liquid Shock treatment for clogged septic tanks helps to loosen the soil surrounding your drain field. There's no need to call an expensive maintenance specialist just yet! Septic Field lock-ups are common, and most often, the issue can be resolved with the use of liquid shock being poured down the drain, toilet, or distribution box and over the area that covers your drain field. 

  • Shocks Alkaline & Phosphate Soil Buildup

  • Reduces "Deadpan" or Locked Up Soil

  • Helps Start Flow if Septic Tank is Backed-Up, as well as if Drain Field is Clogged

  • Eco Friendly

PLEASE NOTE: use code MAMMOTH10OFF at checkout. 

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