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Bio Dome's mission is to offer a variety of natural, effective and

eco friendly products to meet the needs of businesses and consumers who desire keeping themselves and earth safer and healthier. 


Bio Dome Group offers an assortment of natural and safe products, whether, you are wanting an effective, safe anti-microbial and anti-viral, a safe natural alternative to cleaning and deodorizing 

or safer alternative to traditional herbicides, without sacrificing effectiveness. 

Bio Dome Group brings over 25 years of experience with a team who have worked in the health,

safety and natural products industries. Led by owner Judy Faircloth, Bio Dome Group is well versed

in the effects of chemicals in our food and environment. This prompted a search for the best safe

and highly effective products for businesses, homes and gardens.

Joe Jankauskas, creator and founder of Avenger Weed Killer, brings his expertise of formulating natural and effective cleaners and herbicides to provide a better alternative to toxic chemicals.

With the emergence of SARS-Cov -2 virus in 2020, the search expanded to find a safer alternative

to the chemicals being used in all areas of business and in homes to eradicate bacteria, fungi and other harmful elements found in the home.


Working with the makers of MAPS-1 and Matrix 4 7, we are able to offer dual protection technology, that is not ony safe and effective, but also can protect surfaces for up to three months AND be used on food prep surfaces and in all medical facilities.


About Us

Offering Effective Natural and Eco Friendly Products for Contractors
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