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Avenger natural and organic weed killer

Avenger Weed Killer is non selective burndown weed killer made from 100% natural products with d-limonene (citrus oil) as the primary ingredient.  D-limonene is a natural degreasing agent that strips away

the waxy cuticle of weeds, dehydrating and killing them.


24 oz. RTU Spray


Avenger Ready-To-Use and Concentrate Burndown Weed Killer


Avenger Organic and Natural Weed Killer is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide that quickly and effectively kills weeds, grasses and broadleaves without causing harm to the environment.


The active ingredient d-limonene (citrus oil) naturally strips away the waxy plant cuticle, causing it to dehydrate and die. University and independent testing results prove that Avenger Weed Killer is as effective, but faster acting when compared against leading synthetic herbicides.

When tested against non-organic ‘natural’ herbicides that contain vinegar (acetic acid), citric acid, clove oil or fatty acids (soap), it is more effective with quicker results.

Great for use in & around: Gardens, Spot Control in Lawns, Shrubs, Flower Beds, Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Borders, Outside Walls, Mulch Beds, Gravel Beds, Mature Trees & Ornamentals, Greenhouses, Fencerows, Foundations, Buildings, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Parks & Recreation Areas, Bike & Hiking Trails, Kennels and Animal Enclosures.

Avenger Weed Killer is registered for sale in all 50 states.

1 Gallon RTU Spray

Product Highlights

  • Fast acting – visible results in less than 2 hours

  • Highly biodegradable – dissipates quickly

  • Non-toxic, can be used in areas near people, pets and wildlife

  • Works in cool & cloudy conditions (as low as 40º F)

  • Does not stain brick, concrete or pavement

  • Emulsion technology – visually references your spray target

  • Sprayed areas can be planted within hours

  • Made from oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits.

  • A pleasant citrus aroma.

  • EPA registered & approved

  • Controls most weeds, grasses and broadleaves including: Spurge, Sowthistle, Redroot Pigweed, Tumbling Pigweed, Annual Bluegrass, Shepherd’s Purse, Common Purselane, Common Chickweed, Clover, Hairy Fleabane, Crabgrass, Smooth Crabgrass, Dandelion, Whitestem Filaree, Bermuda Grass, Bindweed, Shepherds Purse, Prickly Lettuce, Lambsquarters and Little Mallow

  • Approved for Use in Organic Gardening by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) Rule

  • Approved by the Washington Organic Food Program (WSDA)

  • D-Limonene is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA  – essentially no measurable toxicity for certain uses

  • USDA IR-4 Project participant

  • Registered for sale in all 50 United States, Washington D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico

  • Patented formula:  US 827368


32 oz. Concentrate


Additional Information:

  • Environment: Outdoors, Crops, Orchards & Vineyards, Nursery

  • Application Rate:
    Small annual weeds: less than 6 in., use 1:6 ratio (1 part Avenger, 6 parts water) 
    Larger annual weeds: above 6 in., use 1:4 ½ (1 part Avenger, 4 ½ parts water) 
    Hard to control weeds: Ivy &  perennials, 1:3 ratio (1 part Avenger, 3 parts water)

  • Active Ingredients: d-Limonene (citrus oil), Castor Oil

  • Shelf Life: 2 years

  • Toxicity: No toxicity known

  • Certifications: WSDA, EPA, USDA NOP

  • Storage: Store in original container

This patented formula works faster than the other leading weed killers, while being safe to children, animals, and the water supply. When Avenger Weed Killer is applied to weeds, it strips off the plant's waxy cuticle, and dehydrates the weed, killing it down to the root. Results are seen within hours. Weeds with a deep root system may require a second treatment or a stronger concentration.

How To Use: 

Shake or mix well before use.  Apply Nature's Avenger Organic to the foliage of the weeds, making sure that all of the foliage is thoroughly wet.  Thorough coverage is necessary to achieve desirable control.  It is best to apply when outdoor conditions are warm and sunny.  Coverage rate varies depending on size of weeds.

Note: All contacted vegetation is affected. Avoid contact with desirable plants.

Over-spray or drift will injure or kill vegetation.  To limit spray area, try using a shielding apparatus to surround the weed.  Spray within the confines of the shield.  When removing the shield, do not allow drips to touch the leaves or blades of plants you wish to save.

1 Gal. Concentrate

Avenger weed killer works comparison
Avenger AG Optima professional grade burndown weed killer concentrate

Avenger AG Optima Professional Grade Burndown Herbicide


Avenger® AG Optima is an excellent botanical alternative to synthetic, toxic herbicides when you need to use in areas where children and pets are present. It’s intended for both agricultural and non-agricultural use and has a more economical dilution ratio versus competitors.  Using a natural citrus oil base, this is a non-selective herbicide that kills a broad spectrum of weeds and unwanted grasses naturally and quickly. Its main ingredient is d-Limonene and it is for use in organic production around both food crop and non-crop areas. Always follow label directions.

  • Environment: Outdoors, Gardens, Crops, Orchards & Vineyards, Nurseries

  • Active Ingredients: d-Limonene (citrus oil)

  • Shelf Life: 2 years from manufacture date

  • Toxicity: No toxicity known

  • Certifications: WSDA, EPA, USDA NOP, OMRI Listed

  • Storage: Store in original container


Avenger AG Optima is currently registered for sale in all states except CA

How to Use: 

Mix this product in clean water and apply to the foliage of vegetation to be controlled. Spray until weeds are thoroughly wet. Because the underside of the weed leaf may be more susceptible, side sprays are recommended.

Environmental Conditions:

Avenger® AG Optima is effective over a wide range of environmental conditions. Cool weather may slow the activity of the product. For best results, spray when ambient high temperatures are expected above 50°F and lows above freezing. On cooler days, spray during the warm part of the day. Allow heavy dew to evaporate prior to Avenger® AG Optima applications. Do not apply if windy conditions exist or rain is expected within 2 hours.

Mixing of Avenger AG Optima:

Fill the spray tank ½ full with clean water. Add Avenger AG Optima while agitating. Then fill remainder with water.

Tank Mixing of Avenger AG Optima:

Fill the spray tank ½ full with clean water. Add any dry formulations and then liquid formulations to the tank. Add Avenger® AG Optima while agitating. Then fill remainder with water.

32 oz. Concentrate

AG_Optima_Concentrate 1 gallon weed killer professional grade

1 Gal. Concentrate

Mixing directions of Avenger Ag Optima


 Do NOT exceed 5 gallons of Avenger AG Optima (20.4 lbs. d-limonene) per acre per application. Do NOT exceed a total of 16 gallons of Avenger AG Optima (65.1 lbs. d-limonene; Table 1) per acre per year. Determine the final desired finished spray volume according to the appropriate dilution as describe in Table 1.


Irrigation and Aerial Applications:

Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system or by aerial application.

Spray Drift Management:

Follow directions for minimizing spray drift. Do not allow the herbicide solution to contact desirable vegetation as small amounts can cause severe damage to crops and other desirable plants. AVOID CONTACT WITH CROP – Intentional or accidental contact (including drift) of Avenger® AG Optima with the crop may result in severe damage or loss of the crop.

Application Rate:

Four types of applications are described below: Broadcast, Banded, Spot and Pre-Harvest Desiccation. Mixing volumes for two dilution rates are found in Table 1. Apply Avenger® AG Optima at a 7-10% mixture depending on the size of the weeds. For smaller, young, actively growing weeds and grasses, apply the lower 7% mixture. For controlling larger, tough to kill weeds, use the higher 10% mixture. Use the lowest mixture whenever possible to control weeds and grass.

  • Broadcast Applications: Broadcast treatments are used for burndown of unwanted weeds and grass across a field or a plot or apply to burndown winter foliage. Apply Avenger® AG Optima at pre-emergence or at planting. Applications must be made before seedling emergence to avoid severe injury. Allow at least 2 days between application and transplanting. Spray until weeds and grass are thoroughly wet.

  • Banded Applications: Control or suppression of emerged weeds and grasses in row middles and between vines and trees. Apply Avenger® AG Optima at a 7-10% mixture depending on the size of the weeds. Only use the 10% mixture when absolutely necessary to control difficult weeds. Apply by directing spray between the rows and using hooded sprayers to prevent spray contact with crop plants. Keep hoods adjusted to ensure adequate contact with weeds and grass while shielding the crop from the herbicide. To minimize drift, do not use nozzles or nozzle configurations that produce fine droplets (mist).

  • Spot Applications: In cool situations or for tough to kill weeds, a more concentrated spray of d-limonene may be needed. In such situations, a 10% mixture of Avenger® AG Optima (1:10 mixture) may be used up to one (1) week before harvest (see Table 1).

  • Pre-Harvest Desiccation of Vegetable Vines: Apply Avenger® AG Optima at a 7 or 10% mixture to aid in the desiccation of vegetable vines prior to harvest operations. A second application may be necessary to obtain sufficient desiccation.

Avenger Ag Optima works comparison
Avenger Ag Optima works comparson too
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