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A Complete Guide to BenzaRid Disinfectant Spray: All-In-One Disinfection Solution

As this flu season looms, it's crucial for homeowners and office employees to ensure their spaces are as safe and sanitized as possible. A powerful, effective, and safe disinfectant is an invaluable addition to any household or medical workplace. That's where BenzaRid disinfectant spray comes into play. Let's dive into the benefits and effectiveness of this hospital-grade disinfectant.

What is BenzaRid Disinfectant Spray?

BenzaRid is a broad-spectrum disinfectant spray designed to keep your environment clean and safe. It's a medical-grade product, paving the way for maximum cleanliness with minimum effort. You can use this spray on a myriad of everyday household and hospital surfaces without fear of causing damage.

Key Benefits

BenzaRid not only gives you a clean surface but also offers the peace of mind that comes from using a product that's registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These attributes make BenzaRid a preferred choice:

  • Hospital-grade disinfectant

  • Non-staining & colorless

  • Light lemon-scented

  • Ready-to-use

  • Child and pet safe upon drying

The Advantages of Using BenzaRid

One of the main advantages of using BenzaRid is its effectiveness against a wide array of viruses, bacteria, and molds.

Kills a Broad Range of Microorganisms

From common cold culprits to serious pathogens, BenzaRid puts them out of action. The list below captures the comprehensive scope of microbes BenzaRid can eliminate:

  • Avian Influenza (H1N1, H5N1)


  • Hepatitis B & C

  • HSV 1 & 2 (causative agents of herpes)

  • MRSA

  • Mycotoxin Black Mold (Aspergillus Niger)

  • Human Coronavirus

It's not just about the vast range of harmful microorganisms BenzaRid can tackle. It does so swiftly - affected areas become safe after just 10 minutes of contact with this potent disinfectant.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

A significant benefit of BenzaRid is its friendliness towards the environment and living beings. Many of us are rightfully cautious of spraying potentially harsh chemicals around our homes, especially when there are children and pets in our spaces. BenzaRid is a colorless, non-staining solution that leaves a light lemon scent after application; it's also safe around children and pets once it dries.

Why Choose BenzaRid Over Other Disinfectants?

Combat Tough Fungal Contaminants:

Flooding can introduce substantial mold and mildew issues. In these circumstances, remediation often requires professional-grade solutions. BenzaRid is not merely a virucide but also a potent fungicide and mildewstat. It's been recommended by professionals for flood and water damage remediations1.

Approved and Certified:

BenzaRid holds an official EPA registration (#10324-85-88904), proving its claims of being an effective disinfectant. It's a choice of many hospitals, airlines, and other sectors requiring high-level, multi-purpose biocidal performance.

In summary, with its high effectiveness against a range of microorganisms and safe usage, BenzaRid equips you with a powerful ally in maintaining a clean and disinfected environment.

Whether you are looking for a dependable solution to sanitize your home, office space, or medical facility, BenzaRid combines efficiency, safety, and ease of use into one highly recommended product. Given its broad-spectrum performance, it not only offers an aesthetic clean but also a deeper, microbiological clean - providing you, your family, or your workplace with an elevated level of protection during these trying times.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Safeguarding Your Home and Office with BenzaRid

Step 1: Evaluate Your Environment

Before beginning, identify the high-contact and likely contaminated areas around your home or office. These usually include doorknobs, light switches, desks, keyboards, faucets, and handles. BenzaRid's formulation is gentle enough to be used on various surfaces - both porous and non-porous, making it an excellent option for these commonly touched spots.

Step 2: Clean Your Surfaces

It's advisable to clean any visible dirt or grime from the surfaces before applying a disinfectant. This ensures the full effectiveness of the disinfecting process.

Step 3: Spray with BenzaRid

Shake the BenzaRid spray bottle, so the components mix well. Spray a light mist on the surface, ensuring thorough but even coverage. There's no need to wipe it off after spraying. Let the mist remain on the surface for about 10 minutes for full virus-killing action.

Step 4: Allow it to Dry

One of the key benefits of BenzaRid is its safety for pets and children once dry. Allowing the surface to dry after spraying also promotes this benefit, besides fostering maximum disinfection.

Remember, prompt, regular, and correct use of disinfectants can greatly reduce the risk of illness. BenzaRid is a potent tool in your hand during the flu season. It can help protect you, your family, or your colleagues from viruses like the flu and the coronavirus, and also from molds, which are often overlooked yet common bio-hazards.

For effective use of BenzaRid and creating a safer environment, consistency is key. Regularly apply these steps, especially on the high-touch surfaces mentioned above. With these measures and the professional power of BenzaRid, you will be well-equipped to keep your home and office safely disinfected this flu season.

Stock up on BenzaRid for your home and office with Bio-Dome Group here!

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