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Bring Nature Inside: Keep Your Home Holiday-Ready with OriGens Natural Cleaners

Welcome the Holidays with a Nature-fresh Home!

As the holiday season approaches, everyone anticipates the joy of welcoming guests into their homes. There's so much to prepare, from decorations to delicious holiday meals, but the cornerstone of every inviting home is its cleanliness. OriGens Natural Cleaners, with their unique and environmentally friendly features, are here to lend a hand.

OriGens Natural Cleaners - The Greener, Cleaner Choice

OriGens Natural Cleaners are not just ordinary cleaning products. They are a statement of our commitment to the environment and the health of our loved ones.

Clean and Green – A Promise from OriGens

Products by OriGens are:

  • Eco-friendly: Derived from Mother Nature herself, these products reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring excellent cleaning.

  • Non-toxic: These cleaners are devoid of harsh chemicals, making them safe around food, children, and pets.

  • Biodegradable: OriGens products break down naturally without harming the ecosystem.

  • Aquatic safe: Run-off from these cleaners won't harm our oceans and the life within.

Moreover, these products are designed keeping the safety of our little humans and furry friends in mind.

Bacillus – Nature's Tiny Cleaning Agents!

The magic ingredient in OriGens Natural Cleaners is the "little gobbler," Bacillus. This safe, abundant microorganism breaks down the organic waste that most often results in stains and odors. It not only covers the mess but destroys it at the root.

Deck the Halls and Floors with OriGens Cleaners

As holiday preparations swing into full gear, let's take a look at how the OriGens Floor Cleaner and OriGens Carpet Cleaner can help maintain a flawless look.

OriGens Floor Cleaner – Where Nature and Cleanliness Converge

OriGens Floor Cleaner isn't your regular cleaning agent. It's specifically formulated to break down built-up dirt and oils and effectively remove stain-causing soils. What's more, it traps odors, leaving a fresh, clean environment

behind. Its effectiveness goes beyond surfaces, targeting stubborn build-up in drains that might spring unpleasant surprises during the festive season.

OriGens Carpet Cleaner – Carpet Cleaning Couldn't Get Greener

OriGens Carpet Cleaner excels beyond surface cleaning. Going deep into the carpet fibers, it targets and removes stains and odors. Its special bacterial blend breaks down organic matter, ensuring the stain doesn't attract more dirt, hence providing a long-lasting clean. Forget about harsh solvents and chemicals; OriGens Carpet Cleaner handles your carpets gently, conditioning the fibers as it cleans, plus, it comes unscented or with a pleasant lemon scent.

Whether you're dealing with spills from food, and wine, or struggling with odors from pet accidents, this Carpet Cleaner has you covered. You can even use it on upholstery, clothes, car interiors, shoes, handbags, and any water-safe materials.

Every Room, Every Corner – OriGens Delivers

The holidays typically mean a flurry of activity throughout your home. Luckily, the functionality and usability of OriGens' cleaners extend to your whole house. Whether it's the living room carpet hosting the kids' sleepover or the kitchen floor that's seen numerous holiday meals, these cleaners will ensure each corner is sparkling.

Check Out the Full OriGens Cleaning Lineup

In addition to the Floor and Carpet Cleaners, OriGens offers products to target other specific needs. For example, Pet Odor Control is your friend in managing the smells our furry friends leave behind, while the Odor Eliminator gets to the root of persistent odors.

Embrace Cleaner, Greener Celebrations

As you gear up to welcome your loved ones this holiday season, choose cleaning solutions that don't just clean but care. OriGens Natural Cleaners provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home focusing on the Floor and Carpet Cleaners. By choosing OriGens, you're making a responsible choice that takes care of your home, your loved ones, and our planet.


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